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You are what you eat.
Treat your beloved cat to real, wholesome food.
Empower your cat with good health

Why choosing
Cooked Food and Raw Food?

For our furry friends, especially cats, their water intake determines their health.
Urinary tract issues that trouble them throughout their lives, or even more severe kidney diseases, are all based on their water consumption.
Cats have a natural tendency to be less thirsty, so relying solely on their own drinking habits is not enough.
The key lies in their diet, providing them with high-moisture food.
Canned food is convenient but expensive, making it difficult for multi-pet households to afford.
Homemade cooked food and raw food, on the other hand, are not only cost-effective but also allow for control over the source of meat while catering to the taste and health needs of our furry companions.

Different Types of Diets

Different dietary habits bring different health impacts. As pet owners, we can strike a balance between affordability and health by choosing the most suitable diet for our furry companions.



Daily meal cost for a 5kg pet (HKD)

Easy and convenient to buy

Easy to prepare

Inadequate moisture

Risk of urinary and kidney disease


Canned Food


Daily meal cost for a 5kg pet (HKD)

Easy and convenient to buy

Abundant hydration

Contains preservatives

Inconsistent meat sources


Homemade Cooked food/ Raw food with EZ Complete Premix


Daily meal cost for a 5kg pet (HKD)

Purchase meat for preparation

Abundant hydration

Freedom to choose meat types and sources

Adjust for your pet's taste and health needs


Planning to prepare homemade
But don't know where to start?

EZ Complete
Solves all the above issues with ease.
Simply add EZ Complete premix powder to the meat
And nutritious and wholesome homemade meals is made!

Homemade Raw Food Steps

Homemade Cooked Food Steps

Cat Health Management Sheet
Effortlessly manage cat health

Catssup has specially designed a Google Sheet template

Visualize your cat's health information
Make your cat's preferences
and health conditions clear at a glance
Just input your cat's data,
and the sheet will automatically generate charts
Allowing owners to easily grasp all aspects of their cat's health.

✅Daily diet
✅Taste preferences
✅Weight control
✅Bowel movements
✅Medication management
✅Veterinary vaccine records, etc

Helping all owners
better manage their cat's health