The begining


One of the founders of EZ Complete, Carolina, had a long-standing issue with her Ragdoll cat named Bugsy for many years. Bugsy's condition was severe, and he even experienced episodes of vomiting blood. Despite multiple veterinary diagnoses, trying various medications, and switching between different flavors and ingredients of commercial dry kibble and canned food to alleviate Bugsy's long-standing issue, unfortunately, none of the attempts improved his symptoms.

After taking numerous medications for his long-standing issue, Bugsy accumulated toxins in his liver, resulting in liver damage and negative side effects. Without any other options, Bugsy's owner, Carolina, decided to discontinue all medications.





Commitment to pets


Health is not guaranteed; it is only truly valued when one has teetered on the brink of losing it. And diet forms the foundation of health, capable of pulling you back from the edge.

EZ Complete is the result of Carolina and Laurie's hard work and dedication. They believe that simplicity is best and that no additives are necessary. Their goal is to provide cat owners with an easy and stress-free way to prepare nutritious and complete meals for their furry companions.

EZ Complete:

Contains no food additives (such as thickeners, fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, etc.)

Carolina and Laurie's love for pets is exemplified through the use of the EZ Complete Premix.