Cooked Food

Do homemade cooked food recipes require the use of premix?

Yes, the nutritional content varies among different foods, and nutrients can be lost during the heating process.
Therefore, it is necessary to use a nutritional premix powder to ensure complete nutrition.

EZ Complete premix is suitable for the following situations:

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With numerous options of cat food nutritional powders available in the market,
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In addition to the added health benefits,
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Steps to prepare cooked food

6 Simple Steps

Whether it's for a single serving or multiple days' worth.
If your cats are picky eaters, you can add the premix powder just before serving to make the texture denser.
  • Prepare boneless meat. You can choose the type of meat based on your cat's preferences. If it's your first time making it, chicken is recommended.

  • Add the meat to boiling water.

  • Steam the mixture over boiling water until cooked.

  • After steaming, add EZ Complete powder and mix well.

  • Let it cool and then divide it into airtight containers for storage in the refrigerator.

  • When feeding, heat the portion in a microwave.

How to calculate the food portion?


Daily Consumption Calculator For Cats


Getting Started

Step 1: Prepare meat + EZ CompleteEZ Complete預拌營養粉

Step 2: Determine your pet's activity level to start the preparation.

The water amount can be adjusted based on your pet's preference.
It does not affect the protein and nutrient content, only the texture.

Adult Cats (3% of activity level)

Cat Weight (kg) Daily Required Meat (g) Required Premix Powder (g) Required Water (ml)
2.0 41 2.5 16
2.5 51 3.1 21
3.0 62 3.7 25
3.5 72 4.3 29
4.0 82 4.9 33
4.5 92 5.5 37
5.0 103 6.2 41
6.0 123 7.4 49
7.0 144 8.6 58
8.0 164 9.9 66

Kittens (4% of activity level)

Kittens are still growing, so it is recommended to feed them multiple meals a day. Give them as much as they can eat; there is no upper limit to the food amount. The following table shows the minimum recommended daily intake: When kittens reach 12-15 months of age, they have entered the adult stage.最少建議食量。

Cat Weight (kg) Daily Required Meat (g) Required Premix Powder (g) Required Water (ml)
1.0 27 1.6 11
1.5 41 2.5 16
2.0 55 3.3 22
2.5 68 4.1 27
3.0 82 4.9 33
3.5 96 5.8 38
4.0 110 6.6 44
4.5 123 7.4 49
5.0 137 8.2 55

Senior Cats (2.5% of activity level)

If your senior cat is still energetic, it is recommended to select a food portion based on 3% of their activity level.

Cat Weight (kg) Daily Required Meat (g) Required Premix Powder (g) Required Water (ml)
2.0 34 2.1 14
2.5 43 2.6 17
3.0 51 3.1 21
3.5 60 3.6 24
4.0 68 4.1 27
4.5 77 4.6 31
5.0 86 5.1 34
6.0 103 6.2 41
7.0 120 7.2 48

How to calculate the food portion?
(Detailed Version)

Generally, pets consume about 2%-4% of their body weight to maintain their current weight. Typical indoor adult cats usually eat close to 2% of their body weight. It is rare for cats to eat 4% unless they are very active or have gastrointestinal issues causing poor digestion. 

The feeding amount for adult dogs and cats (whether it's raw or canned food) is typically 2%-4% of their ideal weight per day. For less active/older dogs and cats, 2% may be sufficient. For highly active or young dogs and cats, 4% may be closer to their needs. It is recommended to start with the middle ground of 3% and then adjust based on your pet's performance.

There are various methods to calculate cooked food portions, and the method recommended on this website is just one of them. It is advised for fresh food owners to use the calculation method that suits their pets best.

Pet weight x activity level = daily food portion

Example for a cat: A 4.5kg indoor cat with moderate activity level transitioning to raw meat/fresh food with a starting guideline of 3%. 4500g x 3% = 135g The daily food portion would be 135g.

If you find that feeding 135g leaves a small amount uneaten, and your cat's weight and activity level remain unchanged, you can adjust the percentage from 3% to 2.5%. 4500g x 2.5% = 113g The adjusted food portion would be 113g.

If your pet needs to gain weight, once you know the food amount that maintains your pet's weight, you can gradually increase the portion until you reach the desired weight. If your pet needs to lose weight, once you know the food amount that maintains your pet's weight, you can gradually decrease the portion until you reach the target weight.

Cooked food Making Video

Ingredients: Boneless meat, EZ Complete premix, water

Use boneless lean meat. The amount of EZ Complete premix powder used depends on the weight of the raw meat. Add EZ Complete premix powder to the cooked meat. You can retain all the water and juices from cooking the meat.

After cooking, let the meat cool and then cut it into small pieces or use a blender to achieve the desired size and thickness that your pet prefers. Some pets may prefer larger chunks for texture, while others may prefer shredded meat. Mix in the EZ Complete premix powder.

If you are making a large batch (for multiple days or multiple pets), divide the food into portions and store them in the refrigerator. Thaw each portion before feeding.

Alternatively, you can portion the cooked meat into multiple servings and add the premix powder right before feeding, depending on your preference.