Low phosphorus diet


Low phosphorus diet for cats

Cats with kidney disease cannot properly process and eliminate phosphorus from their bodies, which can accumulate and worsen the condition. Therefore, reducing phosphorus content in the diet of cats with kidney disease is crucial, and several studies have shown that a low phosphorus diet can effectively alleviate kidney disease.


Two main aspects to reduce phosphorus


For cats with early-stage kidney disease, the goal of the diet is to maintain overall health and prevent muscle loss. Bones are a major source of calcium but also contain a significant amount of phosphorus. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid pre-mix nutritional powders containingbone powderand instead choose eggshell powder, which can reduce phosphorus without reducing calcium. Depending on the cat's condition, replacing bone powder with eggshell powder may be sufficient to reduce the burden on the kidneys.


Phosphorus content in protein

As cats age, their protein requirements increase, especially for high-quality protein.

Whether restricting protein or providing a low-protein diet is helpful for cats with mild or moderate kidney disease has been a controversial issue. Many people mistakenly believe that high-protein diets worsen kidney disease, but in fact,aging cats have an increased need for protein.

Research has also shown that high-protein diets do not have a negative impact on the kidneys and that animals with mild kidney dysfunction did not show improvement with a low-protein diet. Limiting protein actually slows down the filtering function of the kidneys. Therefore,providing high-quality protein (moderate protein levels without excessive phosphorus) is crucial for maintaining kidney health.When it comes to high-quality protein, it refers to real meat, not meat meal.

How to reduce phosphorus content in protein?

You can choose meats with lower phosphorus content as ingredients in recipes.

Here are the phosphorus contents per100grams of raw meat for reference:
Chicken thigh:145mg
Chicken breast:196mg
Grass-fed beef:175mg


Use of EZ Complete

EZ Complete meets the nutritional standards set by AAFCO and provides various essential nutrients. It allows owners to easily prepare homemade meals for cats with kidney issues and make dietary adjustments as needed. The premix powder uses eggshell powder as a calcium source, significantly reducing phosphorus content. It also contains vitamin B, Omega-3, and other nutrients necessary for kidney cats. Additionally, it includes egg yolk powder and New Zealand green-lipped mussel to provide diverse health benefits for pets, such as hairball control, cardiovascular support, antioxidant properties, and joint health enhancement.

#The above content is derived from a detailed report and the research articles ofDr. Mark Peterson,, an endocrinologist in the United States.