Charity and Social Responsibility


Commitment to animals

We deeply love animals, and we have a responsibility and obligation to contribute to animal protection. Every cat is unique, with their own stories and personalities. When they suffer from FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), the Ah Hu Love FIP Volunteer Group cannot stand idly by. Their presence brings hope and warmth to these cats.
阿虎愛屁 FIP volunteers have endless patience and passion, caring for each cat and helping them recover from the disease. They dedicate their time and effort without hesitation. They believe that every cat deserves our attention and care. To ensure the immune system of these FIP-affected cats is protected, they provide raw meals made with EZ Complete premix, offering them adequate nutrition from a healthy diet.

阿虎愛屁 FIP volunteers spare no effort in helping these cats, from receiving assistance, treatment, and recovery to finding them adoptive homes. Their work is crucial, but they face significant medical and daily expenses, often struggling financially. Our company has been selling EZ Complete pre-mix powder to the Ah Hu Love FIP group at a charitable price, hoping to ease their burden.

We also welcome and encourage everyone to support the rescue efforts by purchasing EZ Complete pre-mix powder through 阿虎愛屁 FIP group. Together, let's extend a helping hand to support them in their rescue work and continue providing assistance and care to these cats. Let's join forces and express our immense gratitude and support to Ah Hu Love FIP, allowing them to continue bringing hope and warmth to more cats suffering from illness.

Each individual case that ultimately recovers and finds a loving home is not an easy journey. The ultimate happiness of each "Pipi" (cat) is our greatest wish!

hopes to save one cat at a time! Let's rewrite lives together and keep love going!

Please support animal rescue